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Dear Friend,
I like it when people act actively.
What is it that fascinates me?
Actions bring about change, persistent and sustainabl For this reason, it is important that we focus our thoughts on what is good. Because it is precisely they that lead to positive actions. I first had to experience this myself when I found myself in a difficul phase of life years ago. That was when I broke up with my partner.
Suddenly I was standing there, alone, only my little daughter was still with me. There were moments when I could literally feel the fears rise in me. My thoughts revolved around the same questions over and over again: Would my child be able to stay with me?
Would I be able to give him enough security? And would we be happy again one day? In these dark moments a memory like the faint shimmer of a light broke away from my subconscious. It was a lesson that I learned as a child from my grandmother – a wise woman who
grew up in the simplest of circumstances in the hinterland of Armenia. She asked me to do good deeds for other villagers every day. As a teenager, I didn’t understand why she was paying so much attention to these tasks. What was interesting, however, was that after these good deeds, a kind of “inner light” always rose in me: a very own, very present self-confidence with a deep gratitude towards our fellow
human beings. That had always felt extremely good. Thanks to this memory, I realized how to break out of my negative spiral. So I dug deeper and deeper, continuously trained myself and researched countless theories. Around the core idea of this practice of daily good deed I developed a whole system, that I “Light Up!” called. Gradually the “inner light” came back to me – and with it the smile and my
joy in life. People around me noticed my transformation and became curious. They soon encouraged me to pass on my experiences and let others take part in my simple but extremely effective “Light Up!” Exercises. You are now holding this guide in your hands. Are you also ready for your inner light to make the world shine?

Your Mara
PS: My new habits have borne fruit. So today I feel blessed that I was able to marry my great love, who loves my daughter like his own. Today we live together as a family with our three children, just as I had always imagined – self-confident, dazzling and at the same time loving and playful (cheerful)! And the most beautiful thing about it? That I can dedicate myself to a big cause day after day – to be there for people and to inspire them to find their own radiance. 11 minutes of journaling. On the next few pages I will describe you the exercises in the “Light Up!” Journal. They are all based on the tried and tested methods of positive psychology. I have put the exercises together so that you can achieve maximum effect on yourself with a minimum of effort. By collecting and writing down positive experiences on a daily basis, you increase a number of attributes: confidence in yourself, joy, vitality, clarity, love of life, good mood and happiness. This is how the inner light grows in you and makes your world shine! Negative characteristics such as anxiety, circling thoughts, doubt, uncertainty, mood swings will  from now on be a thing of the past. The “Light Up!” Journal is intended to be a companion on the way to your transformation. You  should do the exercises at different times of the day so that you are constantly in the flow of positive thoughts. In the morning – the priming phase: This is about getting ready for today. This allows you to consciously recognize and absorb the  positive moments that you will experience. Create an oasis of peace and security in your home so that you can look forward to writing and enjoying the time. For example, I like to put my headphones on and quietly listen to my favorite songs. I also enjoy a green tea and warm myself in the light of a candle. So I can leave the world behind and concentrate fully on my “Light Up!” Journal.

The first thing you should try is to smile for a few moments. Even if you’re not in the mood in the morning, try shaping your mouth into a smile – that alone works wonders. Laughter releases the happiness hormone endorphin, which suppresses the release of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Studies have shown that a minute of laughter can be as enriching as 45 minutes of relaxation training. Let yourself be inspired daily by the quotes I have selected for you.

Give yourself courage and strength. This exercise can be assigned to mental training. By suggesting consciously chosen target states of the body and mind, you gain vitality, energy and  confidence in your own abilities. As the target state, select a feeling that you would like to
experience during the day and write it down in the journal. Examples for you:

  • I am an asset to every person I meet today.
  • I deal with all upcoming challenges with ease.
  • I choose inner peace in order to withstand the hectic pace of operations.
  • I focus my full concentration on myself and on what I love.

Loving-kindness meditation increases the feeling of connectedness with others and self- acceptance. Think firmly of a person and give him or her kindness and love. Make sure that you not only include your friends and family, but also people with whom you have no direct relationship. Record your wishes for your fellow human beings in your “Light Up!” Journal. While you are thinking about them, close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out. A short but extremely effective meditation. Examples for you: I send loving kindness …

  • to the employees in the supermarket.
  • to our son’s kindergarten friends.
  • to my good girlfriend’s parents.
  • to the guests in the restaurant I recently ate at.

Helping enables us to be more satisfied and improve mental health. When we manage to free ourselves from a self-centered worldview and invest our time more in others, we feel an increase in satisfaction. When we help someone, we have the experience that we can make a difference. This increases our sense of self-worth. The support provided can be spontaneous or planned, it can be smaller or larger – that is entirely up to you. Record the good deed in your “Light Up!” Journal. Examples for you:

  • I cooked a healthy menu for my 90-year-old neighbor.
  • I surprised my fitness trainer with a bouquet of flowers I picked myself.
  • I helped my work colleague with tidying up her office.
  • I sent a encouraging message to a friend.
In the evening – The Reflection Phase: Towards the end of the day we want to review the day and concentrate on the positive moments.

Celebrate and reflect your day. Write down the events that gave you great joy and satisfaction today. Now it is a matter of consciously anchoring the positive moments that you were able to perceive during the day. The deeper you can hold on to these emotions in you, the stronger you create the foundation for your own growth and well-being. Examples for you:

  • Dancing in front of the mirror.
  • Chatting and laughing with my girlfriend.
  • Snuggle in bed with my family.
  • Receiving positive feedback from a client.

With tiredness, our self-doubts and fears come up. Therefore, the end of each day is the perfect opportunity to cultivate deep gratitude towards people, the events of the day, and most importantly, towards yourself. This feeling is considered a cure for self-doubt, envy, aggression and sleep disorders. Record these positive moments in writing in your “Light Up!” Journal.
Examples for you:
I’m thankfull…

  • To have encouraged my friend today.
  • that my husband registered me for an online course.
  • for my colleague who pointed out an important mistake to me.
  • for my friend who inspired me for an idea today.

You can reduce the power and influence of negative thoughts by simply writing them down. This exercise is intended to come into play when you cannot let go of a negative experience, and the circling thoughts simply do not allow you to calm down. Make a note of the so-called “emotional garbage” – that’s what all the empty pages at the end of this journal are for – and separate the useless from the useful.
After you write down the negative thoughts, remove the sheet of paper from the book. Now light
the pieces of paper with the «emotional garbage». Watch them burn and vanish into thin air. If  you don’t have time for this ritual, tear the paper into small pieces and mentally say goodbye.
From practice to habit:
Repeat this daily routine until the exercises become a habit. It is assumed that there will be around 60 days to stay tuned. Don’t worry if you should skip individual days. Just try to get back into flow as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I myself have come to the point where I miss something particularly beautiful in my day when I don’t have the time to write in the “Light Up!” Journal. I was able to anchor all exercises so strongly that they have become an integral part of my everyday life. You can do that too!
Even more insights:
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